August’s Assignment Gallery – Fire in the Belly

Bob-Scott-fire-dancer-1In August we asked our readers/photographer friends to dig deep into their viscera and explore that eternal flame of theirs that keeps the creative self cookin’ with the Fire in the Belly assignment. As expected, they’ve taken the theme and expressed it in unique fashion individually and collectively. Below are some of their words that may help explain their thoughts about the assignment and their submissions. Thanks to those who participated and shared their belly fires with us!
“What lights my photographic fire [after ~8 years as a serious amateur (photographing for enjoyment–just for the love of it)]:

  • My maxims are: make no more boring art, impact/startling, different & better
  • Favorite style: macro
  • Favorite subject/theme: nature/animal behavior
  • Passionate about: (1) plants [e.g. conifers & oaks (the only ones I’ve paid serious attention to so far; but, I’m fascinated by plants in general)], (2) food (nothing startling so far), (3) mushrooms/fungi/lichens (modest success; long way to go) & (4) abstracts (again, nothing to brag about).
  • Storytelling
  • Evidently, I do enjoy a challenge; but, I’m not competitive in the usual sense: I much prefer ‘Win-Win’ to “Win-Lose’.

Furthermore, I love irony; but, found it doesn’t do any better in photography than sarcasm in polite company. Oh, one more thing: I’m looking forward to doing some triptychs; and–as I mentioned last month, Travel Photography.” –  Barry Grivett

GenevieveFix_Fire in the belly_01-1

“This assignment made me do a lot of thinking and realize that taking pictures is what is driving me and putting the fire in my belly.” – Genevieve Fix

“Well, you asked for Fire in the Belly, and this one is about as close as you come to being literally that, without a trip to the E.R. The second is probably more the kind of interpretive image you had in mind, in this case, of illumination awakening in the mind.”  – Bob Scott


If keeping belly your warm isn’t your thing, how about showing us the world you live in instead? Consider participating in next month’s assignment!