Summer Intensive 2013 – Week 10

EhlenSarah-6732 What a full and colorful week! This week began with an optional flash location shoot in downtown Missoula in the morning and a sunset landscape field shoot at the National Bison Range north of Missoula in the beautiful Mission Valley on Sunday evening. A truly unique landscape with plenty of flora, fauna and majestic mountains for backdrop.

From Monday on, their Visual Studies  explored advanced themes & ideas in artistic expression, time to work on their final projects in class, and one-on-one mentoring sessions with their instructor. Photo Studies involved macro studio labs using light tables, critiquing of assignments, and an exposure review with a lecture on the technique of Sunny 16 with Neil.

Lighting classes involved a fun experience with the students shooting on location at the local Missoula Children’s Theater of the EhlenSarah-6972Performing Arts. They were able to take professional lighting equipment to this building which includes many old school house classrooms, corridors and behind-the-scene spaces. This helps them apply ambient and artificial lighting techniques they’ve been learning in the studio.

Then they were introduced to the whole new topic of low-light and night photography by the dynamic team of instructors Tim Cooper and Gabriel Biderman with B&H Photo/Video/Pro Audio. After this lecture, they had the opportunity to apply their newly acquired knowledge with these two present in an optional field shoot at the annual Western Montana Fair which opened on Thursday.  Always a fun event for everyone involved to capture the lights and people in this unique environment! Thrown in for good measure were mentoring sessions as well.

AllisonRobert_11-17Output provided plenty of opportunity for students to perfect their printing technique, utilize outsourcing options, and prepare their final class assignment work for critique. And also their all-important final projects. Edit classes concerned more intricacies of the Photoshop software and tons of assisted lab time for the students to apply them to their own work.

One more week left to go for this fantastic group – the Class of 2013. Final project presentations will be the order of the week. These produce some of the most poignant, meaningful and creative moments of the entire experience. Stay tuned!