Summer Intensive 2013 – Week 8

Michelle Gustafson-7After a couple of very busy weeks, the students this week –  number 8 to be exact – are the beneficiary of a short one with their second long weekend break starting today. As usual, this week involved brand new material and technique in nearly all of the courses.

Photo Studies broached the subject of the highly technical aspects of photographing reflective surfaces and transparent objects in the studio followed by practical application experience in the studio labs. Their Editing classes concerned a whole new level of Photoshop learning concerning advanced layers, masks, smart objects and the like. They also involved an optional lecture educating them on the finer points of using the handy and ergonomically beneficial Wacom Tablet in their digital imaging process.

Michelle Gustafson-4Also this week, the students we’re familiarized with another highly technical yet powerful photographic tool – the flash unit – in Photo Studies along with more advanced landscape photography technique as well. Output class introduced various outsourcing options using professional print labs along with open print lab time for the students to continue printing their work thus far.

Throw in the mix a presentation on documentary & street photography and you can describe this week as quite full  indeed. The students are getting into the homestretch with just three weeks to go in SI 2013, and are feverishly working on their all-important final projects and presentations due the very last week. We will keep you posted on their experience!

2 thoughts on “Summer Intensive 2013 – Week 8

Heather Gill

Wait, I think I saw food in the computer lab!?? What?!!! 🙂 Miss this place. Almost done!

Brenda Lindstrom

Wow, already week 8! Oh how I wish I could see those final projects:) Enjoy!

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