Summer Intensive 2013 – Week 6

RobertAllison_RMSP_01-2 Another busy, post-long-weekend week for the Summer Intensive students. Talk about hitting the ground running! First off, their mid-term slideshows were due and each of the students spent time with their instructor presenting them individually for a comprehensive critique. After receiving this constructive review, they’ll all have the opportunity to revise and share their project with everyone in the school this evening at the “slideshow mixer” event to be held at the Missoula Children’s Theater. Congratulations to each of them for completing a major piece of their creative experience here in SI that challenges each of them to apply all of their acquired knowledge, skill, technique and growing aesthetic in a single project!

RobertAllison_RMSP_06-2But wait, that’s not all! Their Visual Studies class involved a critique of separately shot assignment work and more ideas & content exploration and  history of photography. Edit class involved the continuation of Photoshop training and application on their own work in labs. Light Studies involved still-life photography critique, traditional portraiture and shooting in the studio for assignment work. Output involved professional enhancement technique for printing purposes and Photo Studies introduces the fascinating subject of photojournalism to the students’ experience. That’s quite a week!

Officially half completed, Summer Intensive seems to flying by and the students are growing in leaps and bounds as highly trained digital imagists. Stay tuned as we’ll continue to share their experience with you.