Summer Intensive 2013 – Week 1

Every year the beginning of Summer Intensive rings in a rather busy time of year for everyone at RMSP. Our students are in town, classes have begun, many of our vendors arrive to support us and our students, and being the beginning of June, the nicer weather brings Missoulians out on the town. While this uptick in activity is the highlight of our year and we love every second of it, this specific year of our program beginning is even more special. 2013 marks the 25th anniversary of RMSP’s Career Training program and the Summer Intensive course. To convey a sense of what happens week-by-week in the course, we will be posting weekly wrap up reports here on the blog. If you are curious about what goes on in the classroom and are considering attending SI in the future, or simply want to relive your days studying photography in Missoula, these posts will serve as good inspiration.

So here we go … Here is what happened during week one of SI 2013


Monday June 3 was orientation day. Our staff and instructors welcomed 79 new students to the RMSP family. These folks came to us from over 25 U.S. states and a few countries including Iran, Switzerland and Canada. The day included time to get to know one another, facility tours, presentations by representatives from Missoula in Motion and the Missoula Downtown Association, group assignments (as you can see in the picture to the left, assistant Chad Matson is pretty excited about Group A). The day even culminated in a bear lecture … as in “Welcome to Montana … Here’s what to do in case you encounter a bear!”

Tuesday June 4 was the first full day of classes for our students. As they worked their way through the schedule, they met their instructors and familiarized themselves with the structure of the course. They attended Photo Studies courses where the learned about photographic genres, bags and tripods. They then progressed onto Edit, Field Help, Computer Set Up and eventually a File Upload class on Wednesday night.

On Thursday June 6, the day of classes culminated in a large group presentation by Jason Geller and Gabe Biderman from B&H Photo and Joe Massa from Manfrotto.

Friday June 7 was another full day for the students. As they will for the rest of the summer, they had a variety of classes all day long. That evening found them in another large group lecture, this time presented by Cliff Hausner from the MAC Group. Luckily, prior to engaging in Cliff’s lecture, the students got to spend some time enjoying RMSP’s involvement with Missoula’s First Friday art walk. Being that it was our 25th anniversary celebration our gallery space was hoppin’ with visitors and people strolling around town on a fantastic Friday night.

Saturday June 8 was a fun day around RMSP. Our visiting vendors put on a “mini expo” for our students. Our new studios were taken over by photo gear including tripods, calibrators, light modifiers, cameras, lenses and so much more. Students got to explore lots of gear and talk to some of the most knowledgeable reps in the photo industry. On top of all that, Saturday was a beautiful day in Missoula!

If that sounds like a full week to you, you are correct. It was! But then again, that’s why it’s called Summer INTENSIVE!

Here are a few images from the first week’s happenings during SI. See you next week!

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Charlie Bulla

Brings back some really awesome moments. RMSP rocks!!! I’ll see you guys in a few weeks.

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Ah, the usual month of stuff crammed into one week. I clearly remember the dazed feeling of it all and how it just pushed group members into quickly learning about each other.

Keep the firehose flowing!

Richard Grant

Love the pic of Chad! He has that sort of evil Joker (Caeser Romero Joker, not Heath Ledger) look on his face!

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