2013 Career Training Assistant Carly Reichert

Next up in our stream of introductions of our incoming group of 2013 Career Training Assistants is Carly Reichert. A graduate of the 2011 class of Career Training, this will be Carly’s second year assisting in our program. She came to Missoula for photography school from Kansas City, Missouri and decided to stick around. We’re excited to have her on board again this summer!

In her own words …


ReichertCarly_01The visual arts have always intrigued me. From a young age I knew I wanted to be an artist and involved in the creative process. My love of music led me to start photographing concerts and local happenings for an online publication. However, I wanted to learn more and immerse myself in all things photography. That desire led me to RMSP in 2011.

Cig Harvey talks about photography either being a mirror or a balance. You either take pictures of exactly what’s going on or you run a million miles away and take pictures of the opposite, because you need that balance. I find my process to be similar. My work is conceptual, using images to convey personal emotion, happenings, dreams and lyrics. I make images when words fail me.

Last year, I was honored to have my “Simply Summer” series a winner in the student work category of the 2012 PDN Photo Annual contest. This turned my focus to a personal project. I am currently working on a series of 3 books. The first titled “The Swell”, the second “control/chaos,” and the third title is in the works. Each book exploring different chapters of love, loss, growth, change and strength.