Botanical Dreaming Now Available As An E-book

Botanical-Dreaming-eBook-Cover-400x400Longtime Rocky Mountain School of Photography instructor, photographer (and all around great guy), Mark S. Johnson has recently released his internationally recognized coffee-table book, Botanical Dreaming, as a downloadable E-book. If you are familiar with Mark’s images you already know that they speak volumes by themselves. With the re-release of this collection of work in a downloadable format, Mark has made not only his images, but his inspiring words and thoroughly positive view on life available to a much wider audience.

Botanical Dreaming showcases more than 100 one-of-a-kind flower portraits, and is an art book, a photo seminar, and a self-help book all rolled into one. Through his optimism and life view, Mark shares his belief that art must come from the heart. In sharing his in-depth knowledge of photography and his Photoshop artistry, he shows how you too can capture close-up images of flowers and turn them into masterpieces. Mark uses easy-to-follow text and stunning imagery to take you on an inspiring journey through the world of macro flower photography. Photographers and Photoshop users of all levels are sure to experience a creative harvest from Botanical Dreaming.

If you are not familiar with Mark or his work, an excerpt from the acknowledgements section of his book perfectly captures a slice of his personality and humility. He writes, “As much as I might like, I can’t take credit for these images. Proper acknowledgment for this body of work belongs to a power that I can barely understand and perhaps never fully articulate. Each spring, when brilliantly colorful flowers burst through the soil, the embers of my imagination catch fire. I recognize the mystical force at play in this creative process, which, much to my delight, remains well beyond my comprehension. This is a force to which I forever extend my humble gratitude.” And these words are just a small glimpse of the larger experience that Botanical Dreaming provides.

If, after being taken aback by the images and message in Botanical Dreaming, you are inspired to learn from and work with Mark from behind the lens, you can join him on our Creative Compositing workshop held in Boulder, CO from June 15 – 21, 2013.

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