February’s Assignment Gallery – The Eyes Have It

Bob Ward _ Eyes 2-2Seeing is believing and the photographers who participated in February’s assignment, The Eyes Have It, sure made a believer out of me! And it sure is difficult not to be attracted the power and symbolism of the eye. Many images here are bullseyes on the topic, and range the gambit of plant, animal, mineral…and even zombie! We couldn’t have imagined a more eclectic gallery when it comes to catching the light in the eyes of all types. Please enjoy the visual efforts by those who all see the world differently with their own two eyes!

Kudos to the brave souls who submit images to these assignments. It’s usually a huge first step for anyone to show the world their particular vision of it. This month, we’re asking you to talk a walk on the darkside…oh, and the light side, too!

One thought on “February’s Assignment Gallery – The Eyes Have It

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Barry Grivett

Of course, everyone will have their favorites––no shortage of darling children & cute pets; but, for me, the surprise images are the ‘Eye of the Needle(s)’. And, I love ’em. Along with those, Ken’s Bighorn Ram is loaded with impact: terrific composition––even if I don’t particularly want to look into the subject’s ear.

Finally, I’d like to add my thanks to everyone who contributes and is a continuous source of inspiration.

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