January’s Assignment Gallery – A Fresh Look

BATBClass 045-5Seeing things anew was the challenge in February, and those willing to bravely take a fresh look at their world, sure did so…and in amazingly creative ways. BINGO! Whether it be in their indoors environment at home or in their homeland’s external natural environment, the sights, feelings and essence of things are what shine through in this eclectic and outstanding work. Both the abstract and the literal shot in unique fashion are in equal abundance in this month’s gallery. We could not be more proud or delighted to share this collection with the world. Enjoy, and read what some of the photographers have to say about their work:


“Image ‘0121 Oil and water128’- a pine cone under a bowl of oil and water
Image ‘BATBClass’ – a reflection in the water from a building at Broadway at the Beach
Image ‘block’ – my neighbor’s house through my glass block window!
Image ‘IMG 0436’ – lichen/fungus on a tree branch
Image ‘more oil and water’…wrapping paper underneath the oil and water…” Sandi Blood

“What a terrific exercise: everything is worthy of ‘a fresh look.’ ” – Barry Grivett

GenevieveFix_A fresh look_01-1“On a walk with my brother in a mountainous region of France called Jura, a week ago, we went by a small frozen creek. Getting closer to take pictures I noticed intricate designs in the ice. Fascinated with the patterns I took many photos. Then looking at them I thought about the January assignment and not just because of the fresh look of the ice; because of the discovery I made this day.”  – Genevieve Fix

“This month I have been working on some new work for a local art walk I will be participating in this February. It happens to fit perfectly for this assignment. The following photographs were taken outdoors near Red Lodge, Montana amongst snow, small creeks, trees, and branches, etc. My ISO was set at 100, and by using very narrow apertures ranging from f16 to f25, I was able to achieve the slow shutter speeds I was after, namely, shutter speeds ranging from 1/5 to 1/8 of a second. Then during exposure, I moved my camera either up and down, side to side, etc. I find the results absolutely breathtaking, and am reminded that there is beauty to be found in what you would think to be the most mundane of photographic opportunity!” – Jesse Meyers

SeguinL_chandeliers-4-4“To gardeners, gloves are a very personal thing; almost an extension of yourself. But when they’ve been worked hard enough to be able to pose by themselves like this, it’s not hard to imagine their taking on a life of their own, and become helpers in themselves. The crystal ball reminds me of, as a kid, having an two-sided signaling mirror to play with, and discovering that you could look though it in a way that let you pretend you were walking on the ceiling.” – Bob Scott

“My husband and I live in an old Victorian house built in 1883.  A few years ago we stumbled upon a lighting fixture store that sold refurbished ‘old’ lighting fixtures so we replaced all of the chandeliers in our home.  So, this month I did a ‘fresh look’ at the chandeliers by photographing directly from below.  This is the result.”  – Lisa Seguin

Kudos to the brave souls who submitted images. It’s usually a huge first step for anyone to show the world their particular vision of it. This month, we’re asking you to eyeball your situation.








One thought on “January’s Assignment Gallery – A Fresh Look

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Barry Grivett

Rick, your ‘Beach-0081-1’ has a powerful sense of place.

Genevieve, I love your ice images/sculptures; you’ve (re)inspired me to try some too.

Jackie, your image, 9918-1, has the feel (the deep chill) of being right there.

Jessie, your ‘treesinsnow-2’ has a timeless etherial quality which makes it difficult to turn my eyes away.

Finally, Bob, your ‘invisible-helpers-1-2’ tells a terrific story.

One more thing: thanks to everyone for sharing a bit of themselves with ‘A Fresh Look’.

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