Alumni Spotlight – Evan Prince

Evan Prince

Evan Prince attended our Summer Intensive program in 2007 with the dream of making his way in the world of photography both professionally and creatively speaking. Since graduation, he has been doggedly and determinedly doing just that.

Afterward, he headed back home to Austin, TX and spent roughly three years working as a photo assistant/digital tech for several different photographers in the area as well as photographers from all over the country who were shooting in Texas. Working on shoots for magazines like ESPN, Texas Monthly, Fast Company as well as on ad campaigns for clients like Dell and Southwest Airlines gave him a great opportunity to learn about the business and inner workings of the photo industry. He then spent a year and a half working as an assistant in the Dell photo studio in Austin which gave him the opportunity to spend 5 days a week on set where he gained experience working with view cameras and digital workflow which piqued his interest in retouching.  At every step of the way he’s been very eager to learn everything he could about the photography world as he was constantly shooting, assisting and experimenting in Photoshop. Evan took the opportunity to soak up any and all photo knowledge he could get his hands on during this time period.

After the Dell studio work, he decided it was time to get out there and begin cultivating his own clients and photo projects. The realization came to him that one of the best ways to market his work and skill was through personal projects. Since then, he’s been very active shooting and pitching story ideas which ultimately has helped him to develop a unique style and workflow.

At some point he acquired an interest in photographing smaller pockets of American culture some may not consider mainstream, and to that end, he’s had opportunity to work with ballerinas, burlesque dancers, female bodybuilders, Star Wars costume clubs, and live-action role players to name a few. The latest of those projects was shot at a Star Wars convention in Orlando and ran as a story on NPR’s photo blog, The Picture Show.

He’s also been developing his own approach to photographing landscapes and has landed jobs this year working in both Chile, Denmark and covering many parts of the US.  At this point, he considers himself in the beginning stages of his career having just completed an initial trip to New York to formally present his portfolio to national magazines. However, as his background can attest to, he is enjoying the ride and has already seen and experienced amazing things through his love of photography. Due to his single-minded dedication to his creative endeavors and craft, the future can only lead to more fulfilling work and experiences. With his particular passion and vision, Evan is a great example of someone who is creating the future for himself.

To see more of Evan Prince’s work, visit his website at Also, visit his blog and Facebook page.