September’s Assignment Gallery – Once in a Blue Moon

The call for our readers to capture the most extraordinary of occurrences with their cameras did not go unheeded. September’s challenge with “Once in a Blue Moon” motivated our stellar photographers to produce truly unique work. The moon itself is represented in artistically powerful ways, as well as the sun in smoke-filled skies. Even “people from the Blue Moon” make an appearance. Below are comments that explain some of the intentions of the images by their creators listed in alphabetic fashion by last name. Enjoy and we hope the “once-in-a-blue-moon” occurrences in your life inspire you to always to be present for the gifts they hold.

“Once in a blue moon…a red sun trying to shine through smoky clouds and strange birds appearing in leaves…” – Genevieve Fix

“As primarily a wildlife photographer, attached are three images which were, at the time, so unexpected & special they took my breath away from 2010, 2009 & 2006, respectively.” – Barry Grivett

“I was challenged with capturing the moon in a way I was envisioning, since I really didn’t have the type of lens I needed.  So, I went another direction, as you will see – looking at the moon differently.– Lisa McRae

“Sorry, I just couldn’t resist the visual pun of the ‘People of the Blue Moon.’  The others are probably more what you had in mind.” – Bob Scott

“The flower I have submitted is called a ‘Zulu Land Cycad’ and it blooms only once every seven years so I guess that falls under the rare/unusual category and even though my butterfly isn’t rare — getting the shot was.  Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh does not allow tripods so this was serendipity to get one butterfly in focus without  camera shake.  The other 83 shots were all deleted.” – Lisa Seguin

Kudos to the brave souls who submitted images for the very first time. It’s usually a huge first step for anyone to show the world their particular vision of it. Next month, we’re asking you to act naturally with the challenge of October’s assignment.


2 thoughts on “September’s Assignment Gallery – Once in a Blue Moon

Anne Abernathy

Once upon a blue moon, Genevieve Fix and Anne Abernathy met… So wonderful to have met you and your husband Genevieve!

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