Vegas Photo Walkin’ with Gabe and Tim

RMSP owners and founders Neil and Jeanne Chaput de Saintonge, along with Curriculum Director Marcy James, attended Photoshop World in Las Vegas last week. While the scenery in Vegas is just a wee bit different than in Missoula, MT all three managed to enjoy themselves and revel in the sparkle that Vegas provides.

Along with enjoying the convention, seeing familiar faces and connecting with others in the industry, the trio got to enjoy some time with Gabe Biderman from B&H and RMSP instructor Tim Cooper. Gabe and Tim have teamed up before to teach a workshop in Vegas, but for several lucky people in Vegas, a Photo Walk was the order of the day.

I had time to do a little Q&A with Gabe about their walk. Lights, Lensbabies and lots of good times pretty much sums up the experience, but here is what Gabe had to say about the event.



You and Tim Cooper led a photo walk in Vegas during Photoshop World. I heard it was pretty well attended and went well. Help set the scene for our readers. How many people attended? Where did you take the group? How much of Vegas did you cover? Were you able to shoot at night?

We had 50 people meet us at the PSW registrations booth – Tom from PSW signed them in and then AJ from Lensbaby and Jason from B&H signed out a Lensbaby for them to try.

After we gave them the itinerary, introduced the players, and gave them a quick Lensbaby demo we took them to the Tram that dropped us off at the Excalibur and the heart of the strip.  The castle and skyscrapers of NY/NY were great subject matters…unfortunately the Lion and fountains of the MGM were under construction.

We walked them through NY/NY and under the Brooklyn Bridge, past the grand fountain of the Monte Carlo, and then through the slanted Aria in City Center where we started playing with reflections and car trails.  As we continued to walk around the modern surreal scape of the City Center we finally found ourselves at the Bellagio Fountains!  It was a long, hot walk but we finally made it!  We placed ourselves in the center and in 5 minutes the fountains started to come to life!  The fountains go off about every 20 minutes, so most of us were able to shoot it twice. We wrapped up around 8:45pm

What were the highlights?

Bellagio was probably the main highlight as we could really play with time and movement.

The Lensbabies were another highlight – so many people had never used them, so seeing these new visions was pretty epic.

What was the “theme” of this walk … if there was one? For instance, were you focusing on shooting macro, motion blur, people?

The theme was to capture the Neon Strip in a new way – at night (long exposures) and with Lensbabies.

Was this your first Photo Walk? First with Tim?

This was my first Photo Walk with Tim, and it was a sneak peak of one of our shooting nights of the Vegas to Zion workshop.  We do a similar walk that lasts four hours instead of two.

Vegas is a pretty photogenic city. I imagine many people who attended got some great images. Were you and/or Tim able to see the results? Was there any critique time?

We critiqued on the go – looking at the LCD screens on the back of their cameras.

As you mentioned, you and Tim co-teach a workshop called Vegas to Zion: Dusk to Dawn. In 2013 you will be teaching it again from March 24-29. If anyone that attended the photo walk were to take the workshop, what more could they expect to get from you and Tim (besides a week of bad jokes)?

A Photo Walk is just that – you casually walk and take pictures for a set amount of time. On our workshop you have four hours of lectures each day as well as critique time and then a four to eight hours of shooting at night with feedback.  We also get access to some of the coolest location that are difficult to shoot at:  Neon Boneyard, two Ghost towns, and the secret spots of Zion…plus a few fun surprises!

What location(s) in Vegas – which you haven’t photographed – do you really want to explore with your camera? How would you shoot it?

I’m always discovering something in Vegas, or its environs, that inspire. I’d like to find more locations to shoot from above – so from the tops of hotel/bars.