August’s Assignment Gallery – Down Under, Around or Behind

When portraying the evident from an unusual angle, a whole new world of vistas can truly be brought to bear. This is exactly what we see in these awesome images from the participants in this month’s assignment, “Down Under, Around or Behind.” Here are some of the comments regarding their experience with the assignment listed in order of last names alphabetically:

“Three images that display the concepts of around, under and behind, I call the series ‘The Executive Review.’  It is a true story, and I did emerge on the other side of it…  Needless to say, I do now spend my lunch breaks photographing as a means to make it through these last few weeks at work.” – Anne Abernathy

“My first ‘aha’ for this assignment came as I was vacuuming ‘under, around AND behind’ one of our toilets; but, I’m sparing you that image. I did do one where I rotated my camera around the lens axis, one of my wife’s legs under a table & some others; but, I’m a bit pressed for time. Some possibilities I’m (still) looking forward to trying out are: under the Golden Gate Bridge, under a waterfalls, a rearview mirror image of a police car & a predator behind prey.” – Barry Grivett

“This month, I again used my favorite subject, my son, Adriel! This is ‘through and up’ a slide near our house.” – Jesse Myers

“This was a tough assignment for me.  You were right in that a lot of what we might photograph might be just plain unattractive.  I also saw a few things I wish I didn’t.” – Elizabeth Wallen

Kudos to the brave souls who submitted images for the very first time. It’s usually a huge first step for anyone to show the world their particular vision of it. Next month, we’re asking you to contemplate the man in the moon, or some such anomaly, using your camera with September’s assignment