SI ’08 Graduate Hannah Hardaway

There is something so rewarding about seeing our graduates “out there” in the world making a splash, and accomplishing their goals. Truly, every time a graduate achieves one of his or her goals, we achieve one of ours.

We are delighted to see 2008 Career Training graduate, Hannah Hardaway‘s name appear in The Huffington Post today. Hannah, a six-time National Freestyle Skiing Champion and member of Team USA in the 2002 winter Olympics was recently interviewed by the Huffington Post about her transition from her former life as a competitive skier to her life as a business owner and professional photographer.

While at RMSP, Hannah progressed through Summer Intensive, the Adventure & Lifestyle Photography and Documentary Photography Professional Studies courses as well as Advanced Intensive. Shortly after returning to Wyoming she started her business shooting weddings, portraits and pursuing documentary projects as well.

Keep up the great work Hannah. We’re proud of you!


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marcy james

Right on Hannah!!! Cheers to you!

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