The Summer Intensive Experience: Week 10

A portrait session in progress at the National Bison Range.

Here we are in Week 10 of SI 2012, and the students’ experience couldn’t be any busier. The end of their week last Saturday involved a fun field trip to the beautiful National Bison Range near Arlee, Montana. Instructor Doug Johnson brought the troops with him to practice their newly developed skills in landscape photography. So be it if wildflowers, wild animals and perhaps models in flowing garments were part of the scenery as well. What could be a more perfect portraiture backdrop than the spectacular Montana landscape!

This week began with critiques of their work created from the field shoot with Doug. Also, an introduction to HD video accessories and equipment as well as low-light & night photography. Joe Massa with Manfrotto and Gabe Biderman with B&H Photo/Video were in town to provide loaner gear and introduce the folks to an often new-to-them experience of shooting high definition video with their DSLR cameras AND the experience of shooting at night. The culmination of this was another field shoot with the purpose of trying this all out at the annual Western Montana Fair here in Missoula. The fair is a virtual cornucopia of sights, sounds, smells and characters, and is full of endless photo opportunities. The students had a blast!

Also during the week, their Edit class involved advanced compositing, creative retouching and the mimicking of black & white darkroom technique and film characteristics in Photoshop. In Visual Studies, the students were presented with ideas about fostering creativity in their lives. Creative thought is a necessary skill for every photographer to develop and is a key concept we emphasize throughout the program.

Gabe Biderman of B&H Photo/Video coaching the students on night photography at the Western Montana Fair.

And with this being the second to last week in SI, the students are putting the finishing touches on their final projects to be presented in Visual Studies next week. The lighting studios and presentation labs were available to all of the students this week for them to work on these important projects. With their projects they are perhaps exploring parts of themselves that may have never seen the light of day before. Quite an inspirational experience for everyone involved. We are greatly looking forward to witnessing the vision and skill they have developed over eleven short weeks, and then graduation day next Friday.

One more week left to share. Stay tuned!


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