The Summer Intensive Experience: Week 9

The clock keeps ticking and the Summer Intensive students are rounding the far turn and quickly heading toward home stretch.  Coming off the second and last long break of the course, Week 9 involved more of the quality creative education and experience they’ve been immersed in since the beginning. The week began in Photo Studies with an opportunity to apply their lighting skills with shooting in macro environments in the studio. They also were becoming acquainted with using their complex flash units and were critiqued on their results in  the Lighting class. More advanced and purposeful techniques in the functions of Photoshop CS6 were part of the week as well in the Edit classes and labs. Photoshop is one of the more challenging subjects to master in the entire course, so an optional help & review session was provided by our ever-so-accommodating group of capable assistants.

Two more informative practical full group lectures were part of the curriculum this week with Jeff McLain speaking about the lighting and shooting of Interiors in a professional manner, and Eileen Rafferty discussing the potential of Working Professionally as an Artist. Also, a so-called “Canon Roundtable” was held by a camera expert for those shooting with the Canon brand of camera strictly to show them the finer menus and functions of their tools. A similar version of this for Nikon shooters will be held next week.

Happy Birthday to RMSP Director of Education Marcy James!

All of this in the shadow of the students’ all-important final project presentations which are due to take place in approximately a week and half. These projects represent the accumulation of the artistic, technical and personal journey each student has taken to reach this point with their passion in photography. Not an easy task to say the least. In addition, student preparations are taking place with providing submissions for RMSP publications, a group showing of RMSP student work at a local Missoula gallery, and the preparing of select images they wish have shown to friends, family and peers at the graduation ceremony on August 17.

If you’ve been following our posts on the progress of our students in the course, you’ll want to check out the last two weeks. They promise to be some of the more fun, intense and emotional of the entire experience!



2 thoughts on “The Summer Intensive Experience: Week 9

Tom Patrick

Great Stuff Bob! Thanks for sharing! Happy Birthday Marcy! I sure would love to be able to be there and view all of the finial presentations and for Graduation, it will be a great time……maybe next year. Everyone at RMSP does such a GREAT Job!!! Thanks again Bob!

Profile photo of Marcy James

marcy james

Wow!!! Thanks bob for the surprise birthday wish! You make me feel so special and thanks to you too Tom!

Cheers to all of our SI students as they have been giving it their all for 9 straight weeks. They continue to inspire all of us who put this program together! Two more weeks to go till’ graduation!!

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