August’s Assignment – Down Under, Around or Behind

In August we are asking you to get low, get around, get creative and maybe get a little dirty while shooting from “Down Under, Around or Behind.” Ever wonder what’s underneath that table at the diner? Or what might be stashed under your child’s bed that you had no clue was there? The underside of your car? We all see that beautiful sunset in front of us, but what about what’s going on with the light behind us? It can be an entirely different world underneath things or behind places that are designed to have you take notice from a top or front view only. Think of a facade built to look like a street scene on a movie set. Usually you’re asked to pay no attention to that man behind the curtain, but in this case, please do! Of course, if any of you happen to live in Australia, you’ve got this assignment nailed since it can be said that any image from there is from Down Under. However, we’re hoping you might take the task to heart and capture a scene from a unique perspective. The idea is to get you thinking of different angles and points of view than perhaps the most obvious (or convenient) when framing a scene. This process can add a whole new dynamic to your photography by simply getting curious about what else is there that is not always evident until you change your angle.

As usual with these assignments, creativity and abstract thinking are encouraged. Down under, around or behind can mean the basement of your home or backyard, around the corner, a long and winding cave, a silhouetted profile, or simply a mood. However you choose to capture your interpretation, we want to see the result. Hopefully you’ll approach this as an opportunity to discover a new way to see the world that may not always be pretty, but, at the very least, interesting. Explore away!

All images should be:

• jpeg format
• 72 ppi
• 600 pixels on the longest side
• If possible, we’d love it if the images you submit have your name in the file name and include a watermark (that’s the “© John Doe” at the bottom of the pic). Please submit three to five images.


August 29, 2012

Email all images to Bob McGowan at Submitted images will appear in an online gallery on Paper Airplanes, RMSP’s blog on or about August 31, 2012. All images will be used in the online gallery for this specific assignment only and will be copyrighted to the photographer. An email confirmation will be sent once your submission is received.  If you do not receive the email confirmation, please contact

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Have the August assignment photos been posted yet? I see the September assignment but not the submissions from the August assignment…did I miss them?

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