The Summer Intensive Experience: Week 8

Instructor Eileen Rafferty

Right about now, all of our Summer Intensive students are thinking, “Week 8 … How can it be week 8 already?!?!”

True to form, this is the about the time of the program when it dawns on everyone that there isn’t that much time left to their SI experience, but there is TONS of work to be done. And depending on how each student is accepting the workload, the fact that this was a four-day week is either a blessing or a curse.  We’re guessing it’s a blessing so they will have a minute or two to catch their breathe and recharge their batteries … literally and figuratively.

Last Friday saw the fourth and final optional publications critique, in which students interested in pursuing magazine or book work were able to have their images critiqued in that light. Later that evening, photojournalist and former shooter for the New York Daily News, Mike Albans presented a large group lecture on the topic of working as a photojournalist. His experiences, stories and images left more than a few jaws on the floor!

This week in classes, students had their second landscape photography session of the summer with instructor Doug Johnson. In Visual Studies, Elizabeth Stone gave presentations on different methods to present photographs, and in Edit Jeff McLain continued teaching each group how to use Photoshop to work with their images. In Light, instructor and associate professor of photojournalism at The University of Montana, Jeremy Lurgio introduced students to the ins-and-outs of working with on and off-camera flash. By the way, Jeremy’ s much anticipated multimedia exhibit, Lost & Found Montana opens next Friday in the RMSP Gallery. This exhibit documents the human side of 18 Montana towns: Nine that are scheduled to be wiped from the map, and nine that were spared. It promises to be a fantastic experience.

Throughout the week students also had time in the studio to practice their technique with studio lighting and familiarize themselves with all the equipment that goes along with it. As we predicted (because it happens every year!) there are a few students that entered the program with no interest in studio who are now having light bulbs go off (again … literally and figuratively).

That’s week 8 in a nutshell. Next week, the fun continues! Tune in next Friday to see the latest happenings in SI 2012.

Students practice their flash technique.