The Summer Intensive Experience: Week 5

It was a short week for the students…very short. They concluded a five-day break on Wednesday, the Fourth of July, and returned to class on Thursday and Friday. But as they say, you just have to hop right back on that horse and boy, the students sure have. In the last two days here’s what’s been going on in their world….

Output instructor, Kathy Eyster, critiques the students’ assignments.

They received their initial instruction on the topic of landscape photography in Photo Studies and will have an optional field shoot at 6 a.m. on Saturday (tomorrow) at a local cemetery. Also in the mix was their introduction to Adobe Photoshop with guided labs following in Editing, and digital fine print critiques of their assignments in Output. They received another round of Studio Lighting instruction involvingĀ  lighting technique and portraiture, and a related general group lecture on the all-important photographic subject of model releases. Quite a full two days (for some, three)!

Lighting instructor, Lark Gilmer Smothermon, gives the students pointers on lighting technique for portraits.

Looming on the horizon next week, the students’ slideshow presentations will finally be unveiled and critiqued. These are often one of the more meaningful experiences for them as they apply all of their experience, learning, inspiration and creativity thus far into this major project. We can’t wait to see what they come up with!