July’s Assignment Gallery – Before and After
July 31, 2012  Author:   (6)

What could be more interesting than a change in scenery, or the same scene or story witnessed over time? This was the question asked of our viewers/photographers in July’s photo assignment, Before and After. An unusual and eclectic mix of ideas, concepts and images were the result as they rose to the challenge of telling […]

August’s Assignment – Down Under, Around or Behind
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In August we are asking you to get low, get around, get creative and maybe get a little dirty while shooting from “Down Under, Around or Behind.” Ever wonder what’s underneath that table at the diner? Or what might be stashed under your child’s bed that you had no clue was there? The underside of […]

The Summer Intensive Experience: Week 8
July 27, 2012  Author:  

Right about now, all of our Summer Intensive students are thinking, “Week 8 … How can it be week 8 already?!?!” True to form, this is the about the time of the program when it dawns on everyone that there isn’t that much time left to their SI experience, but there is TONS of work […]

Upcoming Gallery Exhibit: Jeremy Lurgio
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If you are anywhere near a map of Montana, or any state for that matter, take a look at it. What do you see? Probably the usual roads, lakes, rivers and towns. Now consider what you don’t see. Consider the places that never make it on the map, or as photojournalist Jeremy Lurgio did, look […]

The Summer Intensive Experience: Week 7
July 20, 2012  Author:  

SI keeps rolling along and it’s already nearly the end of Week 7! At this stage, our students are progressing nicely with both their technical skill, comprehensive understanding and artistic pursuits. Last Friday the students presented their major slideshow projects in front of their peers and staff, which is truly an inspirational and emotional experience […]