The Summer Intensive Experience: Week 4

RMSP Education Coordinator, Jillian Shepard-Seaton, surrounded by gear (generously provided by Canon) checked out and returned by the students.

This week in Summer Intensive was all about the students rapidly learning advanced concepts in photography and digital technology. Over the previous weekend, the students were able to check out specific Canon cameras and lenses from our extensive “library” of gear. Canon is a tremendous Educational Partner of ours, and their support adds enhanced value to our program. The students always love the opportunity to shoot with these high-end tools throughout the summer and fall!



Week 4 included their third week of Output classes, and they began printing digitally with critiques involved for the first time. It also involved their last instructional class in Lightroom and they’re now off and running with using this workhorse image editing software, most likely for the rest of their photographic lives. Next week they will be introduced to Adobe Photoshop to be able to take their work to the next level and gain more creative control over their images.

Output instructor, Kathy Eyster, reviewing some of the first student prints of the summer.

In Photo Studies, they received instruction on macro photography techniques to add to their creative bag of tricks. In Light Studies, they were introduced to working in the studio with lighting equipment by experimenting with strobes, stands, softboxes, light meters and other fun studio toys! Throw in an an informative lecture on color theory in Visual Studies and an optional publications critique (meant to evaluate their work from the standpoint of being published in a variety of publications), and the students again received an immense amount of training in a short time period. At this point they’re getting very good at what they’re learning!


Lighting instructor, Jeff McLain, demonstrates the use of studio lighting equipment and hand-held light meters prior to the students shooting in the studio.

This is also the time during the program that the students begin developing a very major mid-term project outside of class: a thematic individual student slideshow set to music. These will be due for presentation in a little over a week.

The end of this week begins a five-day break for the students over the Fourth of July holiday. Many will either be traveling home or around Montana, perhaps to stunning Glacier or Yellowstone National Parks. Some will be enjoying much deserved quality time with visiting friends and relatives here in Missoula, which happens to be a great place to be in the summer…as the students are quickly discovering.




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Thanks Bob for sharing! The memories come flooding back in big ways!!!

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