Alumni Friday – Kinsey Roy Chamberlin

A message often heard by students in our Career Training program is that if they are determined to make a career in photography, they can absolutely do so. An extremely focused student of ours from the last go around in 2011 is proving just that. Kinsey Roy Chamberlin, of Butte, MT came to us with an abundance of enthusiasm, willingness to learn, family support and passion for photography. In our minds, a perfect combination.

With determination as her key, after graduating last October she’s been extremely busy opening the doors to her future by building her portraiture business, developing her style and truly loving what she’s doing for a living in her hometown of Butte. During the last few weeks of school, she describes going into “melt down mode” thinking that no one would ever hire her as photographer, but reality has proven to be the total opposite! First and foremost, she was able to obtain a studio space that encompasses her photo business, an art gallery and her mother’s retail space that specializes in locally made and U.S. made products.  Her focus was in the portrait and wedding business, and the growth in these areas have become her bread and butter financially. The initial success of this side of her business has allowed Kinsey to focus on personal projects involving fashion and boudoir, both of which she loves very much.

These particular outlets have brought her to realize that helping women of all types with their self-image has become one of the most rewarding and unexpected outcomes. She works with “real” women, some of whom may have not felt at all good about their bodies, and has discovered a personal love for creating a safe and inviting space for them to reconnect with themselves during the sessions. Afterward, they often express how much better they feel about themselves when they see the images they have created there. As she puts it, “It’s a genuine realization of how truly amazing and beautiful they really are!” It’s not surprising to us that Kinsey has the ability to capture the beauty in people with her camera. Evident to anyone who has met her, the very light that she sees shining within her subjects burns brightly within her as well.

In addition, she was commissioned by a local hotel to do a display of local images that were hung in the lobby, dining area, and the main hallway. The purpose was to encourage guests to explore Butte and its history instead of just passing through.

The trials and tribulations of opening a new business has forced her to reevaluate it every couple of months and decide what is working and what isn’t. Through this process, she’s determined her goal is to operate a business that’s mutually beneficial for both her an her clients. By trying to give individual attention to everyone she works with and to get to know them, she’s tailoring her services to meet their needs. In this, she’s realizing it’s all about the experience she provides that impresses them, from the time they contact her for services to the time they receive their services, images, and products. This personal attention and focus on the experience has created a strong word-of-mouth market for her business. She doesn’t want just “customers,” she wants fans of her work.

With her business still growing, she feels she still has a long way to go to remain viable.  In her words; “RMSP gave me an amazing foundation for what I need to make a successful business, but my education continues. I still do workshops, read articles and shoot all the time, even when I am not being paid. It is very important to me to continually grow my skill set and stay current in an ever-changing market. I cannot wait to see where I am in a year. The last eight months since leaving RMSP have been amazing and rewarding, and I feel like I have grown so much as a person and as a photographer!” See what what we mean by determination?!

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Way to go, Kinsey! You are impressive and inspiring.

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