Wedding Week: Day 5

Welcome to the 5th and final day of WEDDING WEEK on the ‘ol blog. We hope you’ve enjoyed the posts and perhaps picked up a nugget of wedding knowledge or two. Want to read all the posts from the week? Here are links to Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, and Day 4. Since we are at the last day, we thought we’d take a bit of a left turn. Rather than offering advice, or introducing cool ways to incorporate photography into a wedding you are planning or shooting, we thought we’d take a look at some wedding albums. And by albums, we mean the music kind. We’re talking about wedding photography as album cover art. Have a look …


Billy Idol – White Wedding

I’d be crazy to not kick things off with this gem. Billy Idol’s White Wedding album. While many have claimed that this song was written to voice displeasure with his sister’s fiancé, Idol maintains that is not the case.

photographer unknown






Duran Duran – The Wedding Album

Definitely a different direction of the design and photography used on this Duran Duran cover from 1993. Designed by acclaimed visual artist Nick Egan, the cover of this album features wedding photos from the parents of the four band members.

photographers unknown






John Lennon and Yoko One – The Wedding Album

This experimental album was released on October 20, 1969 and contained two tracks – one per side. The record came as an elaborate box set designed by John Kosh, including sets of photos, drawings by Lennon, a reproduction of the marriage certificate, a picture of a slice of wedding cake (inside a white sleeve), and a booklet of press clippings about the couple. (from Wikipedia).

photographer unknown



Fleetwood Mac for Rolling Stone

This image of taken by Mark Seliger was for the 25th anniversary of Rolling Stone magazine. Technically, it’s not an album cover, but it’s just such an iconic “wedding” image used in a non-wedding manner we had to include it.

©Mark Seliger






Gnarls Barkley – The Odd Couple

This photo, also not used as the actual album cover art, was taken by Los Angeles photographer Beatrice Neumann. According to Beatrice’s website, this series of images was created in about 45 minutes.

©Beatrice Neumann




Well, there you have it. “Wedding photography” used in a very non-traditional sense. I bet you have more examples of this concept. If so, let us hear about ’em in the comments below.