Wedding Week: Day 1

It’s June. The rain is fading. The sun is beginning to stick around. Engaged people all over the world are getting nervous. These indicators can only mean one thing: It’s Wedding Season!! As a photography school that educates and trains individuals who strive to become wedding photographers, we thought it would be appropriate to usher in this season with a string of blog posts on the subject of weddings. So, we’d like to welcome you to Wedding Week on Paper Airplanes!

Weddings can be like your college days. Now that they are over, they’re totally fun to talk about! And undoubtedly one story will lead to 10 more, so we encourage all of you to get engaged (excuse the pun) with these posts over the next few days. If something you read makes you laugh, cringe or cry, you are encouraged to share your thoughts. If we touch on something, and you have more to say, let us hear it!

To kick things off, we’d like to give a little love to every wedding photographer out there, and present a list of 9 things for a guest at a wedding to NOT do to the wedding photographer! Why 9 and not 10 you ask? Well, it’s simple really … we’re saving # 1 for you to contribute!

In no particular order, here goes:

10) DO NOT ask the photographer to share the details of their camera. Discussions about megapixels, sensor size, crop factor, digital zoom or any other technical detail take place every day on the internet. Consider joining one of these conversations instead. There are many, many opportunities online to get your tech fix.

9) DO NOT shadow the wedding photographer. The last thing any professional photographer needs while shooting a wedding is an “assistant” they did not hire.

8) DO NOT ask the photographer if they are “gettin’ any good shots?”

7) DO NOT tell the photographer to “get a shot of this ____ or that ___.” They’ll be just fine on their own. (The exception here of course is if you are the bride or mother of the bride. In this case, you’re allowed!)

6) DO NOT tell the photographer their camera takes really nice pictures. In fact, never do this to any photographer!

5) DO NOT show the photographer the back of your camera expecting them to be  in awe of your incredible photo.

4) DO NOT nudge your way past the photographer in order to get a better shot for yourself. Seriously, would you tell the umpire at a baseball game to move so you can get a better seat?

3) DO NOT ask the photographer to take a photo of you with your spouse, kids, cousins, friends, etc., and then say the words  “email it to me.”

2) DO NOT stand anywhere near the photographer when he or she is taking a group shot to try to get your own shot of the group. Most likely, you’ll attract the attention of a few people, and then everyone will be looking at different cameras.

1) DO NOT ……..


Wedding photographers out there, what can you contribute to this list?  Go!


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