The Summer Intensive Experience: Week 2

We’ll probably say this every week from now until the end of Summer Intensive, but we’ll say it today anyway: “We can’t believe that week 2 of SI is already over!”

And if it seems like a lot has happened in the last two weeks from our perspective, we can only imagine how all of the students are feeling. Undoubtedly they are beginning to understand why we call the program Summer Intensive.

Here is the recap from Week 2 of SI:

Beginning last Friday, which was the end of week 1, we hosted the annual SI BBQ Mixer at Greenough Park. This is an RMSP tradition as well as a great way to cap off the first week of classes. This time together – out of the classroom – allows our students to get to know each other in a casual setting. And who doesn’t love the hamburger vs. veggie burger debate?

The first field help session of the course took place on Saturday at Ft. Missoula. During this time, instructors and assistants get used to working with camera settings and become acquainted with the technical aspects of their cameras.


On Monday, Cliff Hausner with the MAC Group provided a high-energy, engaging lecture to our students. Cliff talked about his upbringing in photography, and his own experience photographing for the New York Times before rolling up his sleeves and delivering a one-two punch lecture on lighting.

Tuesday evening Cliff took the students to the streets of Missoula for a crash course in lighting techniques and equipment he covered on Monday. Nothin’ like diving right in with both feet, eh? After the location shoot with Cliff, the week settled down a bit and students were engaged in their regularly scheduled classes including Light, Edit, Photo Studies and additional field help sessions around Missoula.







4 thoughts on “The Summer Intensive Experience: Week 2

Tom Patrick

Thank you for the weekly posts! What a blessing for me!! It’s great to see whats happening during SI and too see all the smiling faces of the people taking part in a Program that will change their lives forever!
Looking forward to next weeks post…..
Tom 2003 SI/DI



Awesome! Your comment just made our day! We love being able to show the wider world what is happening in our program. Very glad to know that you (and presumably others too) are enjoying the behind the scenes look.

Here’s to next week! Until then, have a great weekend.

Profile photo of Roxanne Duffy


Oh SI how I miss you! What a life changing experience you were and still are! I agree with Tom, it is wonderful to see (and relive) the experience of such an amazing program with such an awesome group of instructors and staff. I love to see the looks in the students eyes and the smiles on their faces – it brings back so many memories & emotions! I feel blessed to still be able to be a part of such magic!

My advice to the class of 2012 – soak up every second, listen and feel what you are being taught, put yourself out there, open your heart & mind and have fun!

Rox 2010 SI/AI

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Another group of people thrown into the deep end of the pool and emerging with dazed expressions of happiness. Good to see the sensation continues.

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