Seattle Assignment Results

Photo Weekend instructors Tim Cooper and Doug Johnson had the pleasure of paying a visit to the fine, fine city of Seattle last weekend. From the sounds of it, the overall report came back with two thumbs pointing up! Big thank you to everyone in the Emerald City that attended and made our time with you absolutely fantastic.

And now for the results from the assignment given in Seattle. Great shots everyone!

4 thoughts on “Seattle Assignment Results

Niels Johnson-Laird

Small correction, my name is Niels Johnson-Laird (not Niels Laird-Johnson), as it appears on the bottom right of the image (rubber duck in the sink). 😉

Niels Johnson-Laird

Just wanted to add that I love the abstract reflection image by Anne Abernathy. Anne if you see this please post you web address, I’d love to see more of your work?

Anne Abernathy

Niels, thank you for your kind words. I also enjoyed the image that you submitted. I am in the development process of my website but do not currently have an active site. I do try to submit to the monthly assignments so you could see a bit more of my work there! Would love to see you give May’s assignment a try! Take care!

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Michael Diegel

Hello Anne,

Do you now have a website?

Thank you for your comments and input for a recent Google+ RMSP question and answer session. I am enrolled in this summer and fall classes.

All the best,


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