One thought on “RMSP Daily Image #196

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Barry Grivett

When this image first appeared (March 25, 2012/#183) 2-1/2 weeks ago, I was immediately attracted by the warmth in the image–almost as though lit by a fire in the hearth.

But, it is more complicated, too complicated for a set-up (where everything must be perfect): the extra glassware in the background takes away from any coziness; and, I’d like to see: the cutoff picture frame at the left gone (too big & bright to be on the edge); a little more room at the top (for the antlers) and the polka dots at the right removed (easy enough to do).

As lovely as this image could be, for me there are so many distractions it looks like a snapshot (not well thought out)–probably why I didn’t comment the first time.

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