Vegas to Zion Student Slideshow

The folks who participated in our recent workshop Vegas to Zion: Dusk to Dawn with photographers/instructors extraordinaire, Gabriel Biderman and Tim Cooper, must have been feeling Lady Luck on their side. How else could they have captured some of the coolest and most unique images we’ve seen from a workshop lately?! Of course, great skill, talent, instruction and the right gear all played a much bigger part than simple good fortune. Don’t believe us? Then take a look for yourself at their collective work in this slideshow. From what we’ve heard from the participants, as well as Gabe & Tim, the experience was a big hit and everyone hit the jackpot when it came to creating amazing images!

Also, due to Gabe’s due diligence (Thanks, Gabe!), each participant was able to shoot with a Lensbaby Composer lens courtesy of Lensbaby. As another added bonus, the person producing the best shots of the workshop (as deemed by the Gabe & Tim) would win a free Lensbaby Composer. Congratulations are in order for Anna Gerling for taking home this honor and the complimentary lens (but we sure don’t envy Gabe & Tim for having to make this choice amongst so much outstanding work)!

Enjoy the fruits of their labor and consider joining us next year for this spectacular experience!




4 thoughts on “Vegas to Zion Student Slideshow

Moira Lennox

Nice job guys!

Eileen Depeel

I was wondering where the neon Sign Junkyard is.
Loved the images.

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Bob McGowan

Hi, Eileen! The participants on this workshops were fortunate enough to be able to a shoot on location in the so-called “Neon Boneyard” at the Neon Museum in Las Vegas. They had a blast there! A lot of what you see in the slideshow are images they lit up themselves with flashlights and time exposures, aka. “painting with light.”

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