Is Basic Too Basic?
April 28, 2012  Author:  

“I’ve been photographing for a while now. Do you think I should skip Basic and register for the Intermediate Photography workshop?” This is a question we have fielded many times over the years, and although it is a question that requires a photographer-specific answer, we thought it would be helpful to put up a post […]

April’s Assignment Gallery – Going Green!
April 27, 2012  Author:  

It is becoming apparent that these monthly assignments inspire you to go out and shoot with them in mind. Each time we post a new one, we are always curious about what you will do with it, and are always pleased when our expectations get shattered by your efforts! So, how did you do with […]

May’s Assignment – Leap of Faith
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So it’s May. In the world of RMSP, this is the month we live in anticipation of the arrival of a new batch of eager Summer Intensive students in June.  These students arrive in Missoula, Montana from all over North America and the globe, with some having never set foot in our part of the […]

Basic Photography in Fredericksburg, TX – April, 2012 Student Slide Show
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Enjoy the results of the most recent session of our Basic Photography workshop, which was held in Fredericksburg, TX. The participants had a good ol’ time and the locals were great sports to boot. Beautiful country and beautiful photography…a home run all the way around. Congratulations and a hardy “Well done!” to all of the […]

Basic Photography in Missoula, MT – February 2012 Student Slide Show

Back in February, the first session of our 2012 Basic Photography workshops took place here in Missoula. During the winter months, Montana experiences snow and weather that makes for interesting subject matter. It’s much different than the more milder climates or other times of the year. Our Basic participants took to learning their cameras and […]

Seattle Assignment Results
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Photo Weekend instructors Tim Cooper and Doug Johnson had the pleasure of paying a visit to the fine, fine city of Seattle last weekend. From the sounds of it, the overall report came back with two thumbs pointing up! Big thank you to everyone in the Emerald City that attended and made our time with […]

RMSP Daily Image #208
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Photo Op in Overland Park
April 25, 2012  Author:  

In terms of a concluding event, we couldn’t have chosen a better place than Overland Park, Kansas to hold our last Photo Weekend of the season. This weekend, April 28-29, will be the final stop of a 14-city tour that began in January. The largest suburb in the Kansas City Metropolitan Area, Overland Park has […]

Shooting Super Close with the Canon MP-E 1-5x Macro 65mm Lens: Guest Article by Steve Russell
April 20, 2012  Author:   (1)

First off, I love my Tamron SP AF 90mm f/2.8 Di Macro 1:1 lens. I’ve shot thousands of quality macro images with it, but I began hungering to get closer still and discovered the Canon MP-E lens, which delivers extreme close-up images of up to five times (“5x”) the magnification of the standard macro 1:1 […]