RMSP Daily Image #170
March 10, 2012  Author:  
RMSP Daily Image #169
March 9, 2012  Author:  

                        Happy Birthday to Ms. Elizabeth Stone!

Albany on the Agenda!
March 7, 2012  Author:  

It seems as if we’re bound and determined to visit state capitals this Photo Weekends season and Albany, New York is no exception. This is the first time visiting this fair city, and so far our reception has been enthusiastic and with open arms! One of the oldest English settlements of the original 13 U.S. colonies, […]

Thanks Atlanta!
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Photo Weekends instructors Tony Rizzuto and Eileen Rafferty spent the weekend in the great city of Atlanta, Georgia. Sounds like they had a blast with everyone who attended the event. Big thanks to everyone in Atlanta who attended the event. And thanks a ton for sending in your comments. Here are a few that have […]

Lightroom for Photographers

I realize every photographer has their own, unique workflow and way of accomplishing tasks when it comes time to wrangle images on the ‘ol computer, but i’m sure I am not alone when I say that it’s almost hard to remember what that workflow was like before Adobe came out with Lightroom. Personally, I admit […]

Birmingham Assignment Result … and a slight change.
March 2, 2012  Author:   (2)

Let’s hear it for Birmingham Weekend participant Ron Clemmons for turning in his “homework” from the assignment given at the weekend. Ron, you definitely get an A+ … not just for contributing … but for sharing such a beautiful image with our blog readers. Love the shallow depth of field, the composition and the pop […]

Alumni Friday – Karen Dressel
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In terms of our alumni, it is always rewarding to see our graduates hit the ground running building their businesses and getting work almost immediately after leaving RMSP. Karen Dressel is one such an example. A 2011 graduate of our Career Training program, her drive and determination is beginning to make her a force to […]

RMSP Daily Photo #161
March 1, 2012  Author:  

                                      Yellowstone in Winter workshop, 2011.