Thank You Bismarck!!!
March 19, 2012  Author:   (1)

Whoa!  Things must be getting serious between RMSP and Bismarck, ND. They just spent their first holiday together! Alright … we know that sounds like gossip, but it’s totally true. Our Photo Weekends instructors Tim Cooper and Doug Johnson spent the St. Patrick’s Day weekend in the fantastic town of Bismarck, North Dakota, where they […]

Wearin’ o’ the Green – Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
March 17, 2012  Author:  

If green isn’t your particular color, then wearing it on St. Patrick’s Day is good enough excuse as any to break out of a rut…at least for a little while.  This festive day of celebration of the Emerald Isle and the Irish heritage optimistly announces the coming of Spring splendidly with greener pastures – literally […]

RMSP Daily Image #176
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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Macro Photography: A Closer Look

If you thought the expression “big things come in small packages,” was just something your loved ones told you when they were making excuses for buying you small Christmas presents, think again. In the world of photography, big things really do come in small packages. To help you unwrap these big photographic gifts, we offer […]

Funding Ideas for Photo Projects and Education
March 13, 2012  Author:   (4)

If you are like most photographers, you might have a shot list or list of projects you would like to accomplish that is a mile long, or a “bucket list” of courses you would like to take someday. Whether existing solely in the back of your mind, or (as in my case) on 1000 scrunched […]

Austin Unplugged?
March 12, 2012  Author:  

Missoula, Montana was described to me by a friend a few years ago as what Austin, Texas was in the 70’s.  I don’t know much about Austin but I find Missoula to be an upbeat place filled with people who are committed to living their lives to the fullest. Passion flows through the active lifestyles of the […]

Hey Boise … Thanks!

In the grand scheme of things, Boise, Idaho and RMSP headquarters in Missoula, Montana are practically next door neighbors, and this means that our neighborhood is A-OK!! So, we’d like to give a huge shout out to our neighbors in Boise that attended our Photo Weekend this weekend. Tony and Doug had a blast and […]

Atlanta Assignment Result
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Well, as it turns out I neglected to post the photo that came in last week from a participant in our Atlanta Photo Weekend. Maybe it was the sunny weather we had here in Missoula on Friday or maybe it was the … nope … it was definitely the sun that had me thinking about […]