Living the dream

People come to RMSP with a lot of things in common.  They have dreamed for years of being photographers. They remember the exact day and occasion that they received their first camera.  They were thrilled when they caught that special moment on film.  They have been told by their family and friends that they have a great eye for photography.  They remember their disappointment when their vacation photos that didn’t come back the way they expected.  They spend hours looking at images in books, magazines and online wondering how to get that same effect. They gaze at sunsets or watch water drip from a melting icicle and get lost in what was possible.  Dreamers, lovers of light, wanderers, and joy seekers come together in a moment in time.  They think about the possibility of doing this for a living. To make money with their photography.  To capture moments for couples, families and children.  To create art with abstract images and bring their ideas to life.  To take their first step toward living their dream.


At Rocky Mountain School of Photography we guide dreamers toward becoming professionals.



Career Training 

June 4 – Oct 24, 2012