Atlanta Assignment Result

Well, as it turns out I neglected to post the photo that came in last week from a participant in our Atlanta Photo Weekend. Maybe it was the sunny weather we had here in Missoula on Friday or maybe it was the … nope … it was definitely the sun that had me thinking about getting outside.  Anyhow, I apologize to you Peggy McKinney, for not getting your incredible photo posted last week. But without further adieu, here it is. In my opinion, it’s worth waiting for! Beautiful shot!

© Peggy McKinney


4 thoughts on “Atlanta Assignment Result

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Barry Grivett


Definitely worth waiting for! At first, I thought it might be ever-so slightly underexposed; but, after a minute or so with your image (which it absolutely deserves), I see you nailed it: perfectly exposed, terrific composition, excellent story, beautiful subject–wow! Thanks for sharing.

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Melanie Wright


This is such a lovely image. The subject, composition, and light are all simply exquisite. I’m so glad you shared this with us.

Claudia Lorenz

Love this picture. Always have. Hope you will publish more!

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It was great to meet you at the Atlanta weekend and what an amazing photograph you have chosen to share with the photo world!

The lighting, the composition the story… the feeling! Thank you so much for sharing! I am inspired!

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