Albany on the Agenda!

It seems as if we’re bound and determined to visit state capitals this Photo Weekends season and Albany, New York is no exception. This is the first time visiting this fair city, and so far our reception has been enthusiastic and with open arms! One of the oldest English settlements of the original 13 U.S. colonies, Albany is known for its extensive history, culture, architecture, and institutions of higher education. Well, it’s about time we brought the RMSP experience here! Located on the banks of the Hudson River and centrally among the major metropolises of New York City, Buffalo, Montreal and Boston, it’s a historic transportation hub for journeys in any direction. It’s also part of a region called the Capital District consisting of the nearby cities of Troy, Schenectady and Saratoga Springs.  We’re definitely stoked to see participants joining us for our Albany event hailing from all over the New England area as well as the local region itself. As folks from Montreal might say, “C’est tellement génial!” (that’s so awesome!)

As with most state capital cities, its demographics and culture are widely diverse with many music & arts venues, festivals and events taking place throughout the year. The Tulip Festival, one of Albany’s largest festivals, is set in its Washington Park and celebrates the city’s significant Dutch heritage. This traditional event marks the beginning of spring as thousands of tulips bloom in the park in early May. This alone sounds like a worthy and inspirational photogenic opportunity! This unique city offers a ton of said opportunities when it comes to historic preservation, parks and geography in the immediate vicinity. We’re honored to have Albany on our tour list, and instructors Tim Cooper and Doug Johnson will do their usual best to provide a worthwhile (and fun) educational experience for those attending the Photo Weekend in Albany on March 31 – April 1…so they can go capture those amazing tulips in May!

And, if you’re interested in keeping your focus – pun intended – on photography after the Photo Weekend, consider joining one of the active photography groups below in the Albany region. What better way to stay active yourself than by being connected with like-minded enthusiasts?!

Albany Photography Meetup Group
Capital Region Photography Meetup Group
Two Rivers Photography Club
Schenectady Photographic Society
Greene County Camera Club
Westchester Photographic Society, Inc.
Color Camera Club of Westchester
Schoharie County Photo Club
Rockland Photography Club
Utica Camera Club

And if you can’t join us in Albany, we’ll be returning to the Northeast with instructor Doug Johnson and his popular and scenic Travel Workshop, The Coast of Maine and Acadia National Park on October 6-12, 2012.