Thanks Atlanta!

Photo Weekends instructors Tony Rizzuto and Eileen Rafferty spent the weekend in the great city of Atlanta, Georgia. Sounds like they had a blast with everyone who attended the event. Big thanks to everyone in Atlanta who attended the event. And thanks a ton for sending in your comments. Here are a few that have trickled in this morning …

“WOW!  Well organized and clearly illustrated, Eileen was amazing.  Light and how it affects the mood and quality of the image is such an important part of achieving a successful image.”

“As an art “person” who has studied these same basic concepts in drawing, painting, sculpture ,and dance as well as photography,  I truly enjoyed the reinforcement of Tony’s presentation. Tony is a master teacher.”

“This expanded my knowledge of Composition, filled with tips and ways to communicate about elements of an image.”

One thought on “Thanks Atlanta!

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Roxanne Duffy

Thank you Atlanta for making the RMSP Photo Weekend such a great event!

I Can’t wait to see you all again!

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