Lightroom for Photographers

I realize every photographer has their own, unique workflow and way of accomplishing tasks when it comes time to wrangle images on the ‘ol computer, but i’m sure I am not alone when I say that it’s almost hard to remember what that workflow was like before Adobe came out with Lightroom. Personally, I admit to being skeptical and nervous about embracing it when it first stepped on the scene. Now, I actually get excited to sit down at my computer to simply look through images or to perform semi-extensive edits to a file or group of files. Lightroom simply makes working with your images enjoyable. In case you missed it earlier in the week, Forest Chaput de Saintonge posted a really good overview of his digital imaging workflow. You can read it here.

RMSP offers a workshop that is ideal for anyone interested in harnessing the full capabilities that Lightroom has to offer. Aptly titled, our Lightroom for Photographers workshops are led by longtime instructor and Adobe Certified Photoshop and Photoshop Lightroom Expert David Marx, and Forest Chaput de Saintonge, who also recently became an Adobe Certified Expert. Offered six times in 2012, this four-day course teaches you to organize your images and develop a structured workflow from import to enhancement to final export. Along the way you’ll learn to label, rate, keyword, sort and browse your images effortlessly.

Consider joining David or Forest for an insightful Lightroom experience in one of these cities in 2012:

Sacramento, California – April 26-29  (8 seats available as of 4-6)
Minneapolis, Minnesota – May 17-20  (4 seats available as of 4-6)
Billings, Montana – June 21-24  (7 seats available as of 4-6)
Seattle, Washington – July 26-29  (11 seats available as of 4-6)
Overland Park, Kansas – August 16-19  (18 seats available as of 4-6)
Missoula, Montana – August 23-26  (18 seats available as of 4-6)