March’s Assignment Gallery – The Magic Number 3
March 30, 2012  Author:  

For the month of March, we asked our readers to show us their best work with the theme in mind of that crazy little digit lying between 2 and 4 on the numeric scale, the Magic Number 3. Our fantastic readers/creatives first loaded the bases and instead of simply hitting a triple, they managed to […]

April’s Assignment – Going Green!
  Author:   (2)

Well, hello to all of you post-St. Patrick’s Day celebrants! On March 17th, we had asked you to show us your true colors by posting any images you had of a green nature – or green beer – on our RMSP Facebook page. So where were you when we needed you, huh? You can’t tell […]

Living the dream
March 27, 2012  Author:  

People come to RMSP with a lot of things in common.  They have dreamed for years of being photographers. They remember the exact day and occasion that they received their first camera.  They were thrilled when they caught that special moment on film.  They have been told by their family and friends that they have a great […]

Bismarck Weekend Assignment
March 23, 2012  Author:   (1)

Sneaking this one in just under the 5 o’clock-on-Friday-wire! We received one image from our homework assignment given at the Bismarck Weekend. We are grateful for your submission, Rose Klein!! Even though it makes us want spring to arrive in Missoula like it has (apparently) in Bismarck! Here’s what Rose had to say about her […]

Across the Great Divide…to Billings!
March 22, 2012  Author:  

Montana is the fourth largest state in the Union in terms of land mass, and if you’ve ever driven its breadth from east to west or vice versa – over 600 miles in all – you would know that it’s definitely one long haul and includes climbs over several mountain ranges including the Continental Divide. […]

Boise Weekend Assignment Results
March 19, 2012  Author:   (2)

Woops!  Looks like someone was too excited about St. Patrick’s Day on Friday and completely forgot to post the results from the Boise Photo Weekend. My apologies to our contributors.  Looks like there is no pot o’ gold at the and of the rainbow for this blogger.