Feed the hungry. Guide the foolish.

Take the plunge! Live your Dream!  Follow your Bliss, Namaste.  Maybe we don’t hear these phrases as often these days as we did a couple of years ago. Our collective thoughts and attention seem to be centered around, pulling back, getting by, doing what is necessary to make things work. You know, survival.  How can we risk stepping in the unknown NOW when things are so uncertain and unstable? Can you afford to grow right now?


What would it take for you to take the plunge?  To dive headfirst into the thing that excites your creative mind.  To give your self the opportunity to expand your understanding and develop your skill.  To work toward revealing how you see. To share your heart and impact the world around you.  To give yourself the space and time to become the person that you really are.


There are challenges involved in pulling together the resources needed to really learn a new skill and to commit to the effort.  There are many things to consider and arrangements to be made. There is the money to come up with. Who would take care of the dog?  It’s a lot to consider.


When Steve Jobs said,  “Stay hungry. Stay foolish” did he mean that it is good to identify the thing that you long for and to take the risk to make it happen?  Career Training students find a way make it happen. They give themselves permission to step in to their own learning and pursue their passion.  They arrive hungry and foolish and we help them.


When was the last time you felt hungry and foolish?

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That is a great note Marie. I turned in my notice at work three weeks ago. My last day is April 27th and I’m so excited about taking the plunge and starting to really live my dream. Thanks for this. It just excites me more about my decision.

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Marie Osborne

Hey Charlie,
Thanks for your comment. So often we forget that stepping into the unknown puts in to motion opportunities that have a profound effect on our lives. Your step to move toward your dream will open up possibilities that you may have never felt were possible.

I look forward to meeting you in person and joining you on your journey in photography. See you soon!


Andy Kemmis

Hello Charlie!! Marie is out of town at the moment, but I wanted to acknowledge your comment here. We are so excited for you and what is in store for you this year. Even through the internet we can hear the enthusiasm in your voice. Can’t wait to see the enthusiasm once classes start.

Come on June 4!!!!!

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