Meet Roxanne Duffy, RMSP Photo Weekends Administrator!

In 2010, our Career Training program students hailed from most every state of the union with a small contingent from the state of Washington. Seattle native, Roxanne Duffy was one of the Washingtonians who quickly became enamored with the beauty, western culture and wide open spaces of Montana. After graduating, she decided that staying here made a great deal of sense to her, so she planted roots just north of Missoula where she resides to this day. Since gaining local status she has applied for, and landed several positions with RMSP including assisting in several of our Workshops, and is currently the administrator for our fourteen Photo Weekends events in 2012.

If you have attended any of these events this year, you have probably seen a very active and engaging person coordinating the entire event while also interacting with the excited and valued participants who join us. From setting up displays and materials to handling projection and sound equipment to directing various volunteers, Roxanne is a ball of energy who knows how to get things done! And we should warn you in advance that both her smile and laughter are quite contagious!!

Much behind-the-scenes time and effort goes into the planning of the Weekends each year with scheduling and contracting of venues, travel arrangements, shipping challenges, marketing of the various events and finally making it all run like clockwork on the days they take place. The responsibility of making it all run smoothly is the role of both Photo Weekends Director, Michelle Lousen, and the administrator. This is the first season for Roxanne in this role and she has doing a bang up job. Along with two instructors at each Weekend, she arrives a day in advance and makes it all run like clockwork from arrival to final tear down. From the rave reviews we’ve been reading and hearing so far, the impact of these fun and informative experiences are exceeding expectations. Obviously, the instructors deserve a huge of amount of credit for their ease and expertise in teaching both technical and creative material, and they are often whom the participants rightfully acknowledge. However, the experience would be entirely different without a dedicated, efficient, organized and enthusiastic administrator on site to help produce the quality that RMSP is known for.

In Roxanne’s case, her background has very much prepared her for this important role. With a former long-term corporate role in website development, major project and event coordination, client outreach, video production and photography – at one point she actually developed her own color film and prints for wedding clients (!) – her education and experience are a considerable asset to the Photo Weekends program and to RMSP in general. In the times she’s not traveling around the nation on this tour, she’s quietly working on several art and business projects. Interesting enough, one of these involves making homemade truffles and she plans to combine her fine art and portrait photography with the packaging of these unique culinary gifts. If you have a chance to meet Roxanne in person, you’ll notice a smile and ease of character that belies both her creative spirit and serious work ethic. We’re proud to have her on our team. If you have or will attend a RMSP Weekend this year, we hope you come to realize your experience is as much her responsibility as anyone elses. We happen to believe that Roxanne simply rocks!


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I volunteered at the SLC Photo Weekend & had the pleasure of working closely with Roxanne. She was amazing & really kept the ball rolling the entire weekend. She was always smiling & easy to talk to. RMSP does a great job of hiring fantastic people. She is a keeper 🙂

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Awwwwww Brittney thanks! It was a pleasure working with you too, you’re a wonderful person and an amazing photographer. Keep inspiring yourself photographically! I hope my future includes crossing your path again! 🙂

Wendi Kennedy

Great article! Great job Rox!!!!

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Thank you Wendi, it’s always easy to do a great job when you love what you’re doing!

Bob did a great job turning my babble into comprehendible words. lol Thanks Bob!

Kathy Williamson

Terrific article. You have a right to be excited…and proud. You go girl!!

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Thank you Kathy, that means a lot! Excited I am!!!!! And I am “going”, to Boise tomorrow for the next weekend – haha!

“All my bags are packed and i’m ready to go…..” wait, have I heard that somewhere before? hehe

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Paul Cox

Hey I remember you from the Victoria trip. How cool a life change!
Wishing you good luck and keep shooting.

Walter White

Rox Rocks! Got the chance to meet her at the Atlanta weekend as a volunteer and got the opportunity to see her in action as the weekend administrator and also saw some of her photography. She is talented, dedicated and fun! Seems to be a winning formula for RMSP!

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