Salt Lake City Assignment Results

Last week, after our Photo Weekend in Sacramento, two people submitted images for the assignment. For being the brave, committed photogs that they are, we rewarded their efforts with two complimentary tickets to the Bahamas (not really … I just wanted to make everyone who didn’t submit feel the sting for a second or two).

Fast forward one week, and no one from the SLC Weekend had submitted. Just when I thought the whole effort would fade quietly into history, Kim and Tom Rathke stepped up. So as a reward, it looks like we’ll have to fire up RMSP’s corporate jet again. We sure hope Kim and Tom aren’t allergic to … an all expenses paid trip to Costa Rica!!! Thanks a ton, Kim and Tom, for taking the time to share your images! We hope you enjoy the beach and don’t have a problem with beautiful sunsets.

(Disclaimer: RMSP doesn’t own a jet and we’re not sending anyone to Costa Rica.)