February’s Assignment Gallery – Shadows

Shadows play a major role on the grand stage of life. Darkness both contrasts, and is created by, impeded light. The so-called dark side of the moon and lunar eclipse are a creation of this phenomena on a planetary scale, as is our own nighttime on Earth – all of which are portrayed in this month’s gallery. As one of our regular readers pointed out – thanks, Barry! – about my introduction to February’s assignment, I seemed a bit more passionate about this particular topic than others past and he is definitely right. This is simply because I love to study contrast and shadow in my own photographic work. I couldn’t be happier to discover that others are just as passionate or at least gave it their best shot working with the shadow theme in their shooting process. The images here are just amazing and exactly what I had hoped for! Abstract and literal shapes, infused meaning, stark contrast in scenes and imagination run amok. Heck, one of the photographers focused on “eye shadow.” I sure didn’t see that coming! And if you look carefully, you’ll even find love symbolically expressed and embedded in some of these shadowy concepts – appropriate for the month of February. Bingo!

Congratulations to all who participated and kudos to you if you’ve expanded your sight to see beyond the light. For the rest, please feel free to try this exercise out for yourself and/or enjoy the creative work of the “shadow” people!

And by the way, here is a link to March’s assignment. We’re loving the dedication and involvement you are all showing with our monthly assignments. If it’s your first time submitting – or your third – March might be a perfect month for you to join the party!  (there might have been a clue in that last sentence, fyi.)





2 thoughts on “February’s Assignment Gallery – Shadows

peg sullivan

Love the “Shadows” assignment.
Very creative photographers!!

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Bob McGowan

We’re glad to hear you enjoyed this, Peg. We agree – these are very creative people and photographers who participated the assignment!

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