Hey Salt Lake City … Thanks!!

Can we get a high five for Photo Weekend number 5? That’s right, our fifth Photo Weekend of the 2012 season concluded on Sunday in fabulous Salt Lake City. From the sounds of it, the fine folks in SLC enjoyed their time with Eileen Rafferty and Tony Rizzuto.


Here are a few quotes from some of the people who attended the Weekend:

“Enjoyed the sense of humor.  The Basics course was definitely worthwhile even though I have dabbled with photography for many years.” 

“Tony is an amazing teacher!  I am just starting out and his ability to educate and guide his students through the complicated material in a two hour period was amazing.  I feel really lucky to have had him as my mentor for one of the most important sessions I am going to take in my early stages of learning to become a photographer. Thank you so much Tony for being so passionate about photography and wanting to pass your knowledge along. “

“Exposure has been a struggle for me. Eileen taught the Zone System in way that made a connection with my learning style.  I am anxious to get out a practice with my new ideas about using the Zone system.”

“There is so much to learn in photography, I had no idea of all the things there are to know.  This class helped me understand more about my camera.  Loved this class!!”