New Lightroom Instructor in Career Training This Season

Hello everyone!

My name is Forest Chaput de Saintonge and I have been working as an assistant at the school for the past five years. Throughout that time (and my entire life) I have seen hundreds of students grow from complete beginners in photography, to knowledgeable, confident and experienced photographers. It has always been amazing to see students leave the Career Training program ready to start their own successful photography business.

I am an Adobe Certified Expert in Lightroom 3 and this year I will be teaching Lightroom to the Summer Intensive students. We will move through the entire program in few weeks, leaving hardly any features and functions untaught. Beginning with a thorough explanation of a “catalog” based image organization system (the backbone of Lightroom) and slowly moving through the many features of Lightroom, including photo organization, global and local edits, finally ending on the best way to move images into Photoshop for more advanced edits.

One of the challenges that we are facing heading into this season here at RMSP is the release date of Lightroom 4. It’s currently planned to be released sometime around the start of the Summer Intensive program, but the exact date is unknown which means it could be released after the students begin learning Lightroom 3. This means that I might have to begin teaching the students Lightroom 3 and make the transition part way through the summer.

This is good in many ways, as Lightroom 4 offers photographers many new useful features and changes that makes it more streamlined and efficient.

At this point Adobe has only released the Lightroom 4 BETA version which usually varies slightly from the final version, however it does give us a good idea about what’s ahead. Many of the most notable new features I have mentioned below:

–  Two new modules, Map and Book, allow users to create beautiful photo books, and make use of GPS enabled cameras to sort their images by the included location information.

–  Rearranged sliders in the develop module allow for faster and more understandable editing.

–  Updated shadow a highlight controls

–  Added additional local adjustments

–  Ability to email photos directly from Lightroom

–  Enhanced video support

Adobe has also added many other new features that run throughout the program, these are just the ones that I’m the most excited about.

I hope to provide the students a thorough understanding of Lightroom and teach them the skills to help make them feel comfortable working with their photos through all stages of image organization and manipulation. For all of you who are currently enrolled in the 2012 Career Training program, I look forward to seeing you and many other new faces around RMSP this summer.