Mark S. Johnson and Creative Compositing: The Impressionistic Photograph

In terms of creativity and technological know-how, Mark S. Johnson is unparalleled in his field. His highly developed sense of style, beauty and openness to all that inspires has earned him the reputation of a superb instructor. This is particularly true in the area of digital imaging and creatively combining photographic images using Adobe® Photoshop® to create entirely unique fine art images. His own fine art work is stunning and is something most people would be honored to have hang on their wall. This summer, Mark will once again be teaching our Creative Composting: The Impressionistic Photograph workshop in his beautiful hometown of Boulder, Colorado where he lives with lovely wife and daughter. For details and a complete course description, click here.

Mark is also a creator of incredibly creative and helpful ebooks and tutorials on various digital imaging topics. As of late, he has produced a new video tutorial series he calls, Maximum Creativity with Filter Forge and Photoshop. If you’ve not heard of Filter Forge before, here’s his description from his website:

“Filter Forge is the most versatile and exciting software that I’ve encountered in a long time. When it’s partnered with Photoshop, there’s simply no limit to your creativity. Unlike other filter products that often meet just one need, such as black and white effects or sharpening, Filter Forge is multi-faceted. It features over 4000 creative photo effects and almost 4500 realistic textures. The number of effects and textures are growing by the day because Filter Forge filters are created not by 10 engineers in a lab, but by thousands of users from around the globe. Because there are so many contributors, Filter Forge is home to several of the most breathtaking and realistic effects that I’ve ever seen. Each of these effects can be applied directly to a photograph or can be combined with the source image in Photoshop to produce astonishing results.”

Now, that sounds simply incredible. If you’re of the mindset of a Michelangelo, Monet or Merlin, this series will be sure to knock your creativity right out of the park!

AND in case you aren’t aware of Mark’s mastery as an amazing and prolific artist, perhaps you should take a gander at some of his latest creations in this gallery of his favorites of 2011. He is truly one-of-a-kind on so many levels that we stopped counting them long ago!

Join Mark S. Johnson for Creative Compositing: The Impressionistic Photograph in Boulder, CO on June 16-22, 2012. This is a “don’t miss” opportunity and space is limited!