Sacramento Assignment Results

Since our Photo Weekend in Dallas, our Weekends team took a break from the 2012 tour so as not to compete for attention with some little game called the Super Bowl. But last weekend, they were back at it in Sacramento, CA. We love visiting Northern California as the photo clubs and photographers there are an enthusiastic bunch. I am assuming this is in part due to Sacramento’s geographic luck. With the goodness of Tahoe to the east and character of San Francisco to the west, all you really need for a great day is a camera and a tank of gas.

Perhaps the outdoors were calling after our Weekend ended, as the number of submissions for the assignment were few. HOWEVER, this just means that the two participants that did submit get to occupy more space in the spotlight. Our hats are off to you Brian Phillips and Ross Burnett, for taking the time to share an image with our blog readers. (Your complimentary plane tickets to the Bahamas are waiting for you in the RMSP offices. Pick them up at your leisure.)










3 thoughts on “Sacramento Assignment Results


Excellent – I bet there’s some good shots to be had on that island. I was wondering if you could mail the tickets, though I wouldn’t mind the drive.

And thanks again to Tony and Tim for giving us a great boost in becoming better photographers.

Best regards, Ross

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