Yosemite National Park – The Subtle Beauty of Dawn

Lynn Hoffman-Brouse is an accomplished photographer, educator and long time RMSP workshop instructor. She recently sent us her thoughts about her favorite time of day and places to shoot while in the incredible Yosemite National Park.

“I know the wilderness experience is tough to find in Yosemite Valley, but my absolute favorite places are seen at just the time of day when you can really feel like you have the park to yourself.  Of course, I am talking about dawn.  Once you get over the shock of being up so early, this magic time at the park will make the yawns worthwhile.  Leidig Meadow will be covered with mist, and the soft colors of the grasses with the early morning light make for incredible images.  For some people the park is all about the big stuff:  The mountains and the falls.  For me, it is the soft light in the meadows when I feel like the only person in Yosemite.”

Kind of makes you want to experience the morning mist in Yosemite for yourself, doesn’t it? If so, join Lynn Hoffman-Brouse for RMSP’s Yosemite National Park: Western Grandeur workshop taking place May 5-11, 2012.