Yellowstone in Winter Workshop Student Slide Show
February 29, 2012  Author:   (4)

Have the wilds of Yellowstone National Park in the winter been calling you and your camera? Do you crave to capture nature in its full glory in one of the planet’s most unique landscapes and ecosystems? Well, here’s a chance to experience it vicariously through the eyes and lenses of the participants in our recent […]

Digital Imaging Workflow
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Back in the film days, people would shoot through a roll of film, bring it to the lab and get their slides developed. Then, if they wanted a print, they would bring the slide back to the lab to have a print made. This process was repeated over and over again, until digital came along. […]

RMSP Daily Photo #160

                                      Happy Leap Year!    

Feed the hungry. Guide the foolish.
February 28, 2012  Author:   (3)

Take the plunge! Live your Dream!  Follow your Bliss, Namaste.  Maybe we don’t hear these phrases as often these days as we did a couple of years ago. Our collective thoughts and attention seem to be centered around, pulling back, getting by, doing what is necessary to make things work. You know, survival.  How can we risk stepping […]

RMSP Daily Photo #158
February 27, 2012  Author:  
RMSP Daily Photo #157
February 26, 2012  Author:  
Meet Roxanne Duffy, RMSP Photo Weekends Administrator!
February 25, 2012  Author:   (9)

In 2010, our Career Training program students hailed from most every state of the union with a small contingent from the state of Washington. Seattle native, Roxanne Duffy was one of the Washingtonians who quickly became enamored with the beauty, western culture and wide open spaces of Montana. After graduating, she decided that staying here […]

Salt Lake City Assignment Results
February 24, 2012  Author:  

Last week, after our Photo Weekend in Sacramento, two people submitted images for the assignment. For being the brave, committed photogs that they are, we rewarded their efforts with two complimentary tickets to the Bahamas (not really … I just wanted to make everyone who didn’t submit feel the sting for a second or two). […]

February’s Assignment Gallery – Shadows
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Shadows play a major role on the grand stage of life. Darkness both contrasts, and is created by, impeded light. The so-called dark side of the moon and lunar eclipse are a creation of this phenomena on a planetary scale, as is our own nighttime on Earth – all of which are portrayed in this […]

March’s Assignment – The Magic Number 3
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The third month of the year seems like an appropriate time to encourage our intrepid photographers/readers in the quest to capture the magic of “three” in their compositions. There’s indeed a magical quality to this digit when applied to photography, or art in general, and something very pleasing to the eye – perhaps the third […]

Eyeing Indianapolis!
February 23, 2012  Author:  

When we think of the Midwest of the U.S., Indianapolis is near the top of major cities that show up on our Photo Weekends tour map quite frequently.  A big town with big ideas,  big hearts and big minds hungry to learn about their passion of photography. Indy is the home of 500 miles of […]