“Pop Quiz” with Photo Weekends Instructor Doug Johnson

As with many of our instructors, Doug Johnson has a had a long history with RMSP and has had a tremendous impact on the experience of many of our students. Not only does he teach for our Photo Weekends events, but also in our popular Workshops and Career Training programs. He is definitely one busy guy year round.  If you’ve never had an experience with Doug yourself, then here’s a glimpse into a bit of his personality and knowledge. He graciously spent some time providing his answers to the following semi-facetious “pop quiz,” and by his answers, hopefully you can see what a great sport he is in general. Many thanks to him for playing along and we hope you enjoy!


1.  Where were you born?
DJ: In a hospitality suite… I mean a hospital, oh in Denver, Colorado.

2. What got you going in photography initially?
DJ: National Geographic for sure. Loved it as a kid!

3. Time to test your math skills, Mr. Johnson! The eight reindeer on your sleigh each drink a pint of water for each time zone. How many gallons of water should you plan to take on your sleigh to get around the world?
A. 24
B. 768
C. 64
D. 92
E. 192
F.  Other- Explain:

DJ: Ha!  Trick question. Reindeer eat ice and Santa shops online and uses UPS to deliver.

4. How did you get your start with RMSP?
DJ: First slept in my car, then a closet.. no, Summer Intensive 1996, yahoo!

5. What’s not in your camera bag right now that you wish was?
DJ: Honey roasted peanuts and a couple helium balloons… kidding, a Nikon 24mm and 45mm tilt-shift lens and serious about the helium.

6. What’s truly your passion?
Running around and looking for the perfect foreground or just watching the light.

7.  Which combination will hold the most pictures from Elvis’ new digital camera?
A. Eight 64 Mb and two 128 Mb cards
B. Three 32 Mb and four 127 Mb memory cards
C. One 1 Gb card and one 8 Mb card
D. Five 64 Mb memory cards
E. 128 Mb memory cards
F.  Seventeen peanut butter & banana sandwiches

DJ: G. – Library of Congress

8.  HDR is a new class you’re teaching for Photo Weekends in 2012. In a nutshell, can you tell us what HDR is and how it can enhance a photograph?
DJ: The acronym stands for High Dynamic Range and is used to describe software, not underwear, that blends exposure brackets to manage high contrast in any situation.

9. Besides Photo Weekends, what other RMSP courses are you excited about teaching in 2012? Why?
DJ: All of the programs are fun, but the Travel Workshops allow everyone to get outside and practice the concepts I present in the classroom. That’s super duper fabu fun!

10. In Charles Dickens’ story, A Christmas Carol, three of the primary characters are:
A. Ghosts
B. Musicians
C. Soldiers
D. Children
E. Police
F. Photographers

DJ: A., D. & G. – The Christmas Tree

11.  Complete the following statement:
“If I had my druthers right now, I would be on a plane going to ________________ to photograph______________.”
DJ: Maui and a mai tai.  Seriously… Greenland to photograph an ancient Inuit hunting camp.

In 2012, Doug Johnson will be an instructor at the following Photo Weekend cities:

Boise, ID
Bismarck, ND
Albany, NY
Billings, MT
Seattle, WA
Overland Park, KS



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Hi Doug! Thanks for all you have taught me! You are a wealth of knowledge and your classes are always enjoyable!

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