Minneapolis Weekend Assignment Results

At our first Photo Weekend of the 2012 season, we gave everyone in attendance a little parting gift. Well … that is if you consider homework a gift. We asked that anyone who was interested submit a photo inspired by a course they took during the Weekend event. So, if they loved the HDR and Panoramic session or the Landscape Photography session, they should submit an HDR, panoramic or landscape image. Easy enough, right?

Before we post the results that came our way, it’s worth mentioning that this same assignment will be given at each Photo Weekend, so if you are enrolled for an event in your area, you might want to get the creative juices ready!  (#Charleston, SC … i’m talking to you right now!!!)

Without further adieu, here are the results from the few brave souls that did their homework:

One thought on “Minneapolis Weekend Assignment Results

Jordan Tepoorten

I had gone to this one and totally forgot to submit a photo, but I finally ordered a scrim and took some shots of my sister with it! I just wanted to say thank you for this wonderful opportunity! It taught me a lot in regards to my camera and my own personal shooting style. I have weddings, prom, and family pictures coming up in the next few months, which may have happened already, but I now know how best to get the results I want.

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