RSMP Daily Image: #121

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Barry Grivett

Oh, this is one of my favorites (too many to mention them all) from the December Assignment: Patterns.

Splendid image for a macro/bug guy like myself. I trust others enjoy it too.

Normally, I try to avoid triangles in the corners; but, yours is soft & works well/is even necessary with your chosen DOF & color palette.

Your subject, composition & lighting have inspired me to rephotograph a similar nest I put away a couple years ago. After all, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” — Charles Caleb Colton.

My only regret is your image is not so compelling as to make me want to look at it again & again or for more than a short while. Something seems to be missing. Color? Absence of it? Another feature? I don’t know. But, I like it a lot: enough to imitate your work and try to improve on it. Please wish me luck.

Thank you.

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